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Roberto, Community Manager at P4L & Host of The Partner4Leads Biz Podcast

Relationships First

P4L, Partner4Leads Biz Podcast, Roberto R Hernandez, Small Business, Entrepreneur, ReferralsPartner4Leads is a relationships first community for business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. We’re here to make your entrepreneurial journey a little easier, by providing insights and expertise in marketing, sales, referrals and all the other things that make businesses work better.

Partner4Leads Biz Podcast

The Partner4Leads Biz Podcast has been officially released into the wild. It’s for small business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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On the podcast, I’ll be sharing field tested insights and interviewing small business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs. New episodes will publish on the 1st and 15th of the month. Hope you’ll be tuning in! ~Roberto

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