Productivity, 3-5 sentence email ruleBased on a rule used by my mentor, this episode discusses the connection between concise brevity and productivity.

I have a mentor by the name of Chris Ducker. He has this great 3-sentence rule that he applies to all emails. I love this rule, and I totally get it!

The reason behind the rule in one word

Chris includes a link in his signature line that explains the his 3-sentence rule. He sums up the reason in one word–productivity. While it’s true that some emails require a more lengthy response, three sentences will do in most cases. I’ve consider myself to be fairly brief in my own email responses, although this wasn’t always the case. Then I started trying to consistently reply in three sentences or less. It’s not easy.

Does 5 sentences or less work?

I find that I’m both comfortable and confident replying to emails in five sentences or less. I’m also comfortable and confident that I’ll work my way down to a 3 sentence rule like Chris. I simply need to remind myself that this allows me to respond to the people who deserve a response, and to do so in a concise manner. Most everyone I know values their time at least as much as I do; so I figure I’m doing us all a favor. It’s definitely helpful to those of us who receive 100+ emails per day.

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