About Us

Partner4Leads is a website, online platform and community dedicated to helping small business owners, local service providers, and sales professionals grow their business through referral and cost effective marketing.

Partner4Leads is committed to helping those responsible for sales capitalize on the #1 way that new business is generated – through referral! It’s estimated as much as 50-90% of new business is generated through referral.

Partner4Leads helps you...

  • Access Tools & Resources to Increase Referral Business
  • Build a Targeted Professional Referral Network
  • Encourage and Promote Active Referral Networking

«Unlike some business and social networking sites that try to be all things to all people, Partner4Leads is focused, with a specific purpose in mind -- help business owners, service providers and sales professionals build, manage and optimize a committed, active referral network that generates referral leads and increases referral business!»