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Managing My AccountBack to Top

Is there a cost to have a Partner4Leads account?

No, there is no cost to create and use an individual Partner4Leads account to build, grow, optimize and manage your own active referral lead network.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account, you can do so by logging into your account, accessing the Account page, selecting Account Management and deleting your account. Keep in mind if you do delete your account, all your account information will be lost and you will not be able to retrieve it.

How do I change my email delivery settings?

If you wish to change the emails that you receive from the Partner4Leads system, you can change your delivery settings for certain types of emails. To change email settings log into your account, access your Account page, select Email Management and change your delivery settings as desired.

Fixing problems with Flash and my personal referral pages.

Embedded Flash modules on your site can sometimes interfere with your referral program, recommended and profile pages. In Internet Explorer, the Flash module will appear on top of some of the page content when it is supposed to be behind. This is generally an easy fix and involves setting the wmode parameter when declaring the Flash embed. There is a good discussion of this on StackOverflow:

If you are embedding Flash using object and embed tags be sure to include this line:

    <param name="wmode" value="opaque" />

If you utilize the common SWFObject javascript package, after creating your SWFObject use the addVariable method to set the wmode parameter to transparent as shown in the javascript snippet below.

    var so = new SWFObject("flash_intro.swf", "ThemeArt", "385", "251", "6", "#FFFFFF");

Managing My Referral Partners & NetworkBack to Top

How can I grow my active Partner4Leads network?

Growing your referral partner network is a key step in generating referral business. Most effective networks have 20-40 highly targeted, committed active partners. There are several ways to grow your active referral partner network on Partner4Leads.

First - invite the business owners and professionals that you ALREADY know, trust and actively refer. These people will be sent a notification that you would like to refer them for business, and an invitation to connect as reciprocal referral partners (ONLY Invite business owners and professionals that you feel comfortable referring for work, that you will actively refer, and that you feel would make good reciprocal referral partners). To invite someone simply send them a link to your profile page, and ask them to connect as partners. Or log into your account and use the partner invite form (located on your Partners page) to quickly invite those professionals you want to connect with as cross referral partners.

Second - promote your referral partner program and profile page. Your referral partner profile page makes it easy to market and recruit targeted new members to your referral leads network. You can find new partners by advertising your referral partner program, and linking to your profile page, from your website or online classified ads. By doing this you let potential new referral partners find you, reach out and request connecting as partners.

Third - join or start a local leads group. A leads group is a network or community of local business owners and professionals that meet regularly (offline), and collectively work to generate referral business for one another. Belonging to a leads group is one of the fastest ways to find motivated referral partners, build trust with a committed referral network, and grow your referral business. To find a group to join, visit the Partner4Leads Groups Directory.

Why do you limit individual partners to 100?

Building and managing an effective referral partner network is not about quantity, but rather quality. We have found the most effective referral leads networks usually have somewhere between 20-40 partners. When you connect with someone it's not about simply adding him or her to your list of contacts. It's about making a real commitment to act as a referral lead partner. Most people can not truly refer more than 100 people max. In addition most referral partners want exclusivity, which means they don't want to partner with others who may be sending leads to their competitors. By limiting to 100 partners we help users recognize that their network spaces are limited, and to be selective about those they partner with.

Why do I lose all my group partners from my partner list, if I cancel my membership in a group?

If you belong to a leads group, and then decide to cancel your membership in that group, you will notice that all the «group» partners, displayed on your «Partners» page, are removed. This happens because groups actively focus on referring their members, versus professionals outside of the group. When you cancel your membership, your active partner status with members of the group is terminated. If there are certain members of that group that you wish to keep as referral partners, you can contact them directly and request connecting as individual partners. To do this, login to your account and send that individual an invite or connection request to become individual referral partners.

What's the difference between an «exclusive» and «non-exclusive» referral partner or network?

An «exclusive» referral partner or referral network is one that requires exclusive partnering. This means the referral partner agrees not to partner with more than one business owner or professional for any business type, and wants the same commitment from those they connect with as partners. «Non-Exclusive» networks may have multiple partners in their network that do the same thing. For instance an exclusive referral network would only have one accountant in their network, while a non-exclusive network might have 2-3 accountants in their network.

If I delete a user from my partner list will they be notified?

No, if you delete a member from your partners list, they will not be notified. However, they will no longer show up in your partner list (network), and you will no longer show up in their network. If you are considering dropping someone as a partner for inactivity, you might want to notify him or her first to see if you can encourage more activity with that partner.

I just joined a leads group, and now I see a bunch of partners in my partners list, why?

When you join a leads group you are automatically connected as referral partners with all the other members of that group. This is one of the values of joining a group, it's a quick, effective way to rapidly build a network of committed referral partners, get to know those partners (build trust through regular group meetings) and drive referral business.

How do I optimize my referral partner list, so that I have the best network of partners?

Building an effective referral partner network is not just about connecting with a handful of partners and then awaiting leads. It's about monitoring the activity of your network, supporting your network, and optimizing your network by rewarding those who are active, and weeding out those who aren't. The Partner4Leads platform makes monitoring, managing and optimizing an effective network easy. Through online lead submission, online reporting and regular email reports you can track the referral activity of those in your network. This referral transparency gives you the ability to grow a truly «Active» network. For instance, lets say you have an accountant as a referral partner, and you see from your reporting, you've submitted 2 leads to them over the past 12 months, but they have yet to submit a lead to you. You should ask yourself, is this the ideal accounting partner? If I were to partner with a different accountant, would I be better rewarded for my accounting referral-leads. Building an effective referral partner network means finding and connecting with committed, active partners, and working to generate leads for one another.

Sending & Receiving Referral LeadsBack to Top

Can I send more than one person the same lead?

The Partner4Leads system does not currently allow you send a lead to more than one partner at a time. We have done this, because most partners prefer exclusive leads versus non-exclusive leads. However, you can send the same lead to different partners by completing and submitting your lead submission form multiple times (each time for each partner). Note: If you do this, make sure to let the receiving partners know the lead has been submitted to multiple partners, and they will be competing.

How do I increase the number of referral leads I get from others?

The best way to generate leads from others is to look for opportunities to send them leads. We've found the partners that receive the most referral leads from their network, are also the most active in sending referral leads. When you take an active approach to generating referral leads for your partners, several things happen. First, you create a sense of appreciation from your partners, creating a stronger desire for them to try and return the favor. Second the Partner4leads system tracks your referral lead, and continually encourages reciprocation from your partner. Third, you actually increase your value with your customers, prospects and contacts as you become a helpful resource center for them that they can turn to when they need some help – increasing the likelihood they will refer YOU to others.

How can I generate more leads for my partners?

Generating leads for you partners is a critical step in getting your partners to generate more leads for you. As you generate leads for partners they feel a sense of gratitude and responsibility to return the favor. There are many tactics, techniques and approaches to generating referral leads, here are a few simple things you can do to increase your referral lead generation opportunities...

Why is it important to send leads through my referral form?

Sending your referral leads through the Partner4Leads lead submission form is critical for two reasons.

1) It creates an automated system that encourages reciprocal referral activity from your partners.

2) It tracks, monitors and reports on your referral lead activity, giving you the transparency to monitor your efforts against your partner efforts, reward partners that are referring you, and weed out those that aren't.

Joining a Leads GroupBack to Top

Does it cost anything to belong to a leads group?

Most leads group's charge a nominal, monthly or annual fee to belong to the group (usually $20-$30/month). Group's do this for two reasons.

1) It supports group administration costs

2) It weeds out uncommitted members, helping to build a referral networking group made up of committed, active members.

Historically, free referral lead groups have very high turn-over rates, low meeting attendance, and very poor referral activity. By charging everyone in a group a little something a group weeds out the «takers» (people looking to receive without giving), improves meeting attendance, lowers member turn-over rates, and ultimately create a more committed / active referral lead community.

Can I belong to more than one leads group?

Most leads groups do not allow members to belong to multiple competing leads groups (business networking groups focused primarily on cross referral), as it defeats the purpose and value of having you in their group. However there are some groups that are open to this. You can determine if the leads group you are interested in allows members to belong to other groups by viewing their rules and requirements (displayed on the group's homepage). An «exclusive» group does not permit members to belong to other groups, while a «non-exclusive group» allows members to belong to other groups.

Do all leads group's require in-person meetings; if so why?

The vast majority of leads groups DO require regular in-person, «real world» meetings (usually weekly, biweekly, or monthly). This is a critical component of a leads group that can NOT be replaced by technology or online collaboration. Building a network of active referral lead partners requires building a network of partners that you really know and trust. Real world meetings facilitate two things: 1) getting to truly know and trust the members of your group -- creating the necessary referral comfort, and 2) driving referral activity through ongoing collaboration, discussion and community support. You can view a group's meeting requirements on the group's homepage.

Why do most leads group's require exclusivity?

The vast majority of leads groups do not allow members to belong to other leads groups (group exclusivity). They do this because it supports an even give / take community balance. The moment a member in the group joins another competitive group (with competing business professionals) is the moment his/her value to the group decreases.

Can I view the current members in a leads group?

Some groups allow non-members of a group to see their membership directory, and some groups don't. If a group does allow member viewing, by non-members, then you will be able to see the group's member profiles on the group directory or member page. If a group requires membership to view the directory, then you will have to be a member of the group, and logged into your account to view the member profiles.

What if I can't find a suitable leads group in my area?>

If you can't find an open or suitable leads group in your area, consider starting a new one. To start a new leads group near you login to your account, access Your Groups page and click the Start a Group button. Partner4Leads will then walk you through the creation process and help you launch a new group in your area.

Starting & Running a Leads GroupBack to Top

What's involved in starting/running a leads group?

Starting and running a new group simply requires a willingness to act as the group's leader, leading regular group meetings, and managing group membership (approve or decline new member requests), with our ongoing support. Through the Partner4Leads website and platform we help you build, grow and manage the group. To start a new leads group near you, just login to your account, access Your Groups page and click the Start a Group Button. Partner4Leads will then walk you through the creation process, and help you get the new group up and running.

Can I run more than one Leads Group?

Yes, you can run more than one leads group. And running multiple leads groups provides an additional benefit; it's the only way you can belong to multiple «exclusive» leads groups. We make this exclusivity member exception/provision with group leaders, because they are providing an additional value to the group, beyond simply acting as a referral partner. They are taking on a leadership role to drive an active, effective group. Acting as a group leader for multiple groups requires online approval.

Why might I start a new Leads Group?

Belonging to a Leads Groups is one of the best ways to quickly build a trusted, active referral network. Consider starting a new leads group in your area, if…