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Asian Business Connectors
San Francisco, CA, 94105
Meetings: Bi-Weekly
Group Member Limit: 50
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Group Meeting Dates

Partner4Leads Feed
Date: Lead Sent to:
02/20/19 - Mobile Detailer
02/20/19 - Bookkeeper
02/19/19 - SEO / SEM Consultant
02/19/19 - Photographer
02/19/19 - Freelance Writer
02/19/19 - Chiropractor
02/18/19 - Financial Planner
02/18/19 - DJ

The Partner4Leads Feed shows, in real time, referral leads being passed between Partner4Leads Members.


Group Activity & Reporting

A Business Networking or Referral Group is only as strong as the members are active. When everyone contributes a little a powerful referral networking community emerges. Using automated online member activity reporting we encourage and ensure all our members contribute in supporting one another and the community.

Why the Group Report is So Important?

The success of a referral or business networking group is dependent upon members being involved and actively contributing to the community. Reporting provides transparency, transparency create accountability, and accountability drives activity. Through reporting everyone in the group is graded and has a sense of responsibility to participate and contribute. An effective group won't just have a bunch of members in it, it will have a bunch of active / contributing / networking members!

How to Read and Use the Group Member Activity Report?

  • Group Score: Your group score shows how your group is performing compared to other referral groups. A group score can range from 10 to 100, 10 being lowest and 100 being highest. The score is derived from an algorithm that looks at all groups and evaluates performance based on group size and member activity. As your group grows and member activity increases, your score rises. Successful groups work as a team to build their group and their member activity. The score gives you a sense of how your doing compared to other groups.

  • Member Score / Rank: Each member in the group is given a score and rank showing where they fall in the group as a contributing member. The score is based on an algorithm that looks at a member's referral activity, fulfillment of their member sponsor requirement, meeting guests they've brought and meeting attendance. The score helps show who involved and who needs to get involved.

  • Member Sponsored: All members are required to sponsor another business owner or professional into the group. Member's sponsored shows whether you have fulfilled this member requirement. Completing this requirement increases your score.

  • Guests 90 Days: Everyone should contribute to building our referral community. Guests 90 Days shows the number of guests you've had attend meetings over the past 90 days. Bringing guests increases your score.

  • Referrals Sent 30 Days: Each member should work to generate at least one referral for someone else in the group every month. Referrals Sent 30 Days shows the number of referral leads you've sent the last 30 days. You get the most points for this. When you generate referral leads for others your score goes up.

  • Referrals Sent 90 Days: Referrals Sent 90 Days shows the number of referral leads you've sent the last 90 days. When you generate referral leads for others your score goes up.

How Members Can Improve Their Score:

There are 4 ways for members to improve their score and contribute, below are tips for each...

  1. Generate Referral Leads for Others: The best way to improve your score is generating referral leads for other members in your group. Members with the highest scores are often experienced networkers and have learned how to generate referrals for other by following a few simple rules...

    • Always be thinking about your network of contacts and circle of influence. Is there a useful introduction you can make? Often we have referral opportunities sitting under our nose. They simply require a little thought and touching base with our existing contacts.

    • Learn how to ask people if they need a referral for anything. Strong business networkers have become masters of this, and incorporate it into their daily communications with customers, prospects and people they know. Here's a simple phrase to memorize and incorporate into your daily communications with customers, prospect and contacts. This phrase, or something similar,will help you uncover referral opportunities, "Do you need business referral for anything? I have a fantastic network of local business owners and professionals and would be happy to connect you if you need ANYTHING."

    • Learn to ask simple referral oriented questions when chatting with people, "Whats going on in your life", "What are you working on", "Any new projects", etc., these types of questions often help uncover referral opportunities.

  2. Bring Guests to Meetings: Everyone can bring guests to meetings, we all know and/or encounter business owners and professionals who can benefit from being in our group. Here's a few simple ways to find and invite guests…

    • Start with the professionals and business owners you already know. As professionals and entrepreneurs we each have a network, and some contacts that would probably benefit. Drop them a personal email or call and invite them to meet you at the next meeting.

    • Invite business owners and professionals you meet during the course of the week. Do you need to hire someone for your business or some service provider for your personal life, they might be a really good fit for the group.

    • Use the group as an opportunity to reach out to professionals you don't know yet. Perhaps you are a general contractor and there's a property manager you want to connect with, contact them, let them know you'd love to work with them as cross referral partners and invite them to meet-up at the group.

    Remember when you bring guests you not only contribute, improve your score / rank, but more importantly you help grow the group and as our community grows with active members you referral opportunities increase.

  3. Sponsoring a Member: Everyone is required to sponsor someone into the group (bring a member into the community). The best way to do this is to simply follow-up personally with people you invited to a meeting. See if they'd like to be part of our group and have access to our committed referral network.

  4. Meeting Attendance: Don't miss meetings! But if you can't make a meeting make sure to have someone attend in your place. When you miss meetings, and don't have a guest attend in your place you lose points and your score goes down. When you can't make a meeting and have a guest attend a meeting in your place you actually earn points and your score increases.