Asian Business Connectors
San Francisco, CA, 94105
Meetings: Bi-Weekly
Group Member Limit: 50
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Asian Business Connectors is a referral organization made up of select local professionals who've agreed to get to know one another and work to refer one another. By joining our group, you become part of an active referral community. There is a $50 monthly fee to become a member and a one-time signup fee of $50. The fees help cover all group management, administration, and member recruitment costs; and ensures members of the group are committed to our community.

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Yes, I agree to get to know my referral partners and actively look to refer them. (Required) [Help]All members are REQUIRED to attend group meetings to get to know one another (and the products/services we each provide) and actively work to refer one another.
Yes, I would consider acting as a co-leader for this group. (Optional) [Help]A group co-leader primarily helps to lead group meetings. If you are good with people, enjoy leading and like helping others volunteer to support the group as a group co-leader.
Who Invited You to Join: [Help]Please select the group member who originally invited you to learn about the group or attend a meeting. If you didn't know someone in the group prior to joining, select: "No one on this list" or "I found the group myself".
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Service Area/Range [Help]Select Your Service Area. Your "Service Area" is the territory in which you provide products or services to clients. This information is used to help match you with ideal referral lead partners who cover the same geographic territory.
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[Help]Upload your photo. The image you provide is used on your referral partner profile page, and in the group’s referral directory. It lets your referral partners put a face to a name, and allows members to become more familiar with one another.
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About / Products & Services [Help]Enter a brief description about the products and services you provide. This information is used on your referral partner profile page, in the group’s referral partner directory and in marketing materials created by partners. It helps members become more familiar with you, your products and services. Be detailed in describing the products / services you provide - years in business, what make you special or unique, specialties, etc. Remember, the description you provide may be used by your referral partners, in marketing materials they use to promote you.
Password [Help]Your password will allow you to log into your new Partner4Leads account. Enter a password you will remember.
Referral Partner Settings:
Market Channel [Help]Select your Market Channel. Your "Market Channel" broadly describes the general market you serve (consumers / individuals or businesses), and the service (or product) category you fall under . For instance if you're a Contractor or Architect that serves consumers (individuals) you might select: "Consumer - Home Maintenance, Repair & Remodel". If you are a CPA/Accountant or Financial Planner that serves individuals you might select "Consumer - Financial". If you're a Web Designer or a Public Relations Consultant that serves businesses you might select "Business - Marketing". This information is displayed on your profile and used to help you target / connect with your ideal referral lead partners.
Profession [Help]Select Your Profession. If you do not see your profession or business type select other and you will be able to add a custom profession or business type. This information is displayed on your partner profile page and helps to define and match you with ideal referral lead partners.
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