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Modesto Small Business Leads Club
Modesto, CA, 95354
Meetings: Bi-Weekly
Group Member Limit: 50
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Group Meeting Dates

Partner4Leads Feed
Date: Lead Sent to:
03/17/18 - Small Business Attorney
03/17/18 - DJ
03/16/18 - Wedding Planner
03/16/18 - Personal Trainer
03/16/18 - Financial Planner
03/16/18 - Business Banker
03/16/18 - Business Banker
03/15/18 - Real Estate Agent

The Partner4Leads Feed shows, in real time, referral leads being passed between Partner4Leads Members.


Group Rules

Modesto Small Business Leads Club has the following group rules (listed below). These rules are designed to ensure an active, committed networking community.

• Group Size Limit: 50 • Regular Meetings: Every Other Week
• Group Member Exclusivity: Yes • Member Referral Goals: 1 Referral(s) /mo
• Member Area Range: 50 Miles • Member Sponsor Requirement: 1 Member
• Member Dues: NA