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Asian Business Connectors
San Francisco, CA, 94105
Meetings: Bi-Weekly
Group Member Limit: 50
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Group Meeting Dates

Partner4Leads Feed
Date: Lead Sent to:
02/20/19 - Mobile Detailer
02/20/19 - Bookkeeper
02/19/19 - SEO / SEM Consultant
02/19/19 - Photographer
02/19/19 - Freelance Writer
02/19/19 - Chiropractor
02/18/19 - Financial Planner
02/18/19 - DJ

The Partner4Leads Feed shows, in real time, referral leads being passed between Partner4Leads Members.


Group Rules

Asian Business Connectors has the following group rules (listed below). These rules are designed to ensure an active, committed networking community.

• Group Size Limit: 50 • Regular Meetings: Every Other Week
• Group Member Exclusivity: Yes • Member Referral Goals: 1 Referral(s) /mo
• Member Area Range: 10 Miles • Member Sponsor Requirement: 1 Member
• Member Dues: NA  

Other Rules or Requirements:
Meeting Attendance: Meeting attendance is mandatory; however, on the rare occasions when you can’t make a meeting, you should find someone to attend in your place, and let a managing group leader know that you will be absent. When you have a substitute attend in your place, you will not be marked absent. You cannot have more than two absences in a quarter. If you have two unexcused absences, your position within group can be terminated.

One-on-One Meetings: Members in the group are expected to meet one-on-one with other members, on a rotating basis between meetings. This is an important element in creating an effective group. One-on-one meetings facilitate and support strong relationships, referral trust, and true community. One-on-one meetings also help members discover new referral and coop marketing opportunities.

Member Replacement: Each member is expected to participate and contribute to the group. Participation requirements include sponsoring a member, monthly referral activity and meeting attendance. A strong group is created when everyone feels a sense of responsibility to participate and be active. In the event that a member does not meet their requirements (80% attendance, referral activity, member sponsorship) after an initial 60 day grace period (from the time of joining), the member is automatically placed on probation. When a member is placed on probation, they run the risk of being replaced by another professional in their field. The group leaders reserve the right to replace any existing member who are on probation or they deem to be disruptive to the group.

Group Leaders & Group Management: The group is managed by a voluntary group management team made up of 4-5 appointed members who act as group leaders. All members agree to support as leader at some point if called on. The group leaders serve a minimum of 6 month terms and may repeat terms if desired. There are two key group leader roles -- meeting leader and member director. Each of these roles has a primary and backup person. When a primary group leader in either of these roles steps down, the departing leader must appoint and train a new primary leader for that role. The departing leader then becomes the backup support leader for the role able to fill in on occasion if new primary leader is away. This process ensures continuity, community management and a smooth succession process for group leadership. Group leaders make decisions on behalf of and in the best interest of the group, following Partner4Leads group management guidelines. Decisions related to group management are made by the group leader team and are NOT made by group vote.

Exclusive Profession Representation: Each member may exclusively represent only one profession.

Meeting Agenda & Process:The group follows a proven agenda and process provided by Partner4Leads, Inc.. The group follows this proven agenda and process because it is shown to be effective in running an active group.

12 Month Term: Members in a group who drop out prior to a 12 month term, will not be permitted to join another group. Groups are about long term local business community. Those that attend for short periods of time are not a good fit for a group.

Network Marketing Professionals: Members in network marketing professions are allowed into groups, however they should be talking about the products and services they offer at meetings, not the multi-level recruiting aspect of their business. These members may discuss the recruiting component when doing one-on-ones but should not be pushing this at the meetings.