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Northbay Business Referral Group
Santa Rosa, CA, 95407
Meetings: Weekly
Group Member Limit: 50
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Group Meeting Dates

Partner4Leads Feed
Date: Lead Sent to:
02/20/19 - Mobile Detailer
02/20/19 - Bookkeeper
02/19/19 - SEO / SEM Consultant
02/19/19 - Photographer
02/19/19 - Freelance Writer
02/19/19 - Chiropractor
02/18/19 - Financial Planner
02/18/19 - DJ

The Partner4Leads Feed shows, in real time, referral leads being passed between Partner4Leads Members.


Group Rules

Northbay Business Referral Group has the following group rules (listed below). These rules are designed to ensure an active, committed networking community.

• Group Size Limit: 50 • Regular Meetings: Weekly
• Group Member Exclusivity: Yes • Member Referral Goals: 1 Referral(s) /mo
• Member Area Range: 10 Miles • Member Sponsor Requirement: 1 Member
• Member Dues: $50 / month  

Other Rules or Requirements:
The following is an overview of the approved rules and guidelines for our Partner4Leads referral group. Members are expected to abide by these rules, and failure to do so can put your membership status at risk. If you do not understand any part of these rules and guidelines, please consult a member of the Leadership Team.

Thanks your understanding and cooperation!

Meeting Attendance
Meeting attendance is mandatory; however, on the rare occasions when you can’t make a meeting, you should find someone to attend in your place, and let a managing group leader know that you will be absent. When you have a qualified substitute attend in your place, you will not be marked absent. Your attendance should not drop below 80%.

Qualified Substitutes
A qualified substitute is an eligible non-member who does not compete with the declared business focus of an existing member. Having an existing member read your introduction does not constitute a substitute and will not count toward attendance. A qualified substitute may be a person in your own business, or it may be an eligible guest.

Eligible Guests
Guests may visit the group a maximum of two times in order to evaluate if membership is right for them. Third visits are prohibited unless the guest is actively applying for membership and has submitted their application. Guests are expected to observe the rule about Exclusive Profession Representation. If they do compete with an existing member, they may attend as an observer but are not permitted to publicly promote their profession. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests understand this policy prior to attending a meeting.

Inviting Guests
Members are expected to have at least one guest per month. Among two of the reasons that make this practice so important to the success and growth of your community are:

1. Having guests each week adds keeps meetings fresh and energized
2. In many groups, guests account for as much as 20% of referral business passed

The growth of a referral group is a community effort, and thus dependent upon members inviting guests. With a steady flow of guests at your weekly meetings, your membership will flourish. The most successful groups and group members tend to be those that put a real emphasis on inviting guests to meetings.

One-on-One Meetings
Members in the group are expected to meet one-on-one with other members, on a rotating basis between meetings—typically averaging one or more each week. This is an important element in creating an effective group. One-on-one meetings facilitate and support strong relationships, referral trust, and true community. One-on-one meetings also help members discover new referral and coop marketing opportunities.

Member Applications
Each new member will be required to complete an application for membership, prior to being admitted to the group. Applications for membership will be presented to the Leadership Team and/or Regional Group Consultant for approval before the applicant is formally admitted as a member.

Member Replacement
Each member is expected to participate and contribute to the group. Participation requirements include sponsoring a member, monthly referral activity and meeting attendance. A strong group is created when everyone feels a sense of responsibility to participate and be active. In the event that a member does not meet their requirements (80% attendance, referral activity, member sponsorship) after an initial 60 day grace period (from the time of joining), the member is automatically placed on probation. When a member is placed on probation, they run the risk of being replaced by another professional in their field. The group leaders reserve the right to replace any existing member who is on probation or who is deemed as disruptive to the group, adversely affecting the group dynamic, demonstrates poor customer service skills, does not consistently deliver an appropriate level of quality service to customers and members, does not consistently follow-up on referral/leads, or who does not show an appropriate level of overall professionalism. The Leadership Team will use the overall member score as an indicator of how each member is doing regarding participation and creating value for the other members.

Group Leaders & Group Management
The group is managed by a voluntary group management team, which is made up of 5 appointed members who act as group leaders. All members agree to support as leader at some point if called on. The group leaders serve a minimum of 6 month terms and may repeat terms if desired. There are two key group leader roles -- meeting leader and member director. Each of these roles has a primary and backup person. When a primary group leader in either of these roles steps down, the departing leader must appoint and train a new primary leader for that role. The departing leader then becomes the backup support leader for the role able to fill in on occasion if new primary leader is away. This process ensures continuity, community management and a smooth succession process for group leadership. Group leaders make decisions on behalf of and in the best interest of the group, following Partner4Leads group management guidelines. Decisions related to group management are made by the group leader team and are NOT made by group vote, although the leaders may ask for and consider input.

Exclusive Profession Representation
Each member may exclusively represent only one profession. Specifically, this pertains to the declared business focus each member selects and is approved for upon being admitted to the group. No member may publicly promote a business activity that is the prior declared focus of another member. While it is OK to discuss overlapping services in one-on-one conversations, public promotion of competing services is a violation of another member’s right to exclusivity.

Meeting Agenda & Process
The group follows a proven agenda and process provided by Partner4Leads, Inc. The group follows this proven agenda and process because it is shown to be effective in running an active group. Time permitting, the Leadership Team may supplement the formal agenda with additional segments designed to increase value to the members.

Network Marketing Professionals
Members in network marketing professions are allowed into groups. However, they should be talking about the products and services they offer at meetings, not the recruiting aspect of their business. These members may discuss the recruiting component when doing one-on-ones, but should not be pushing this at the meetings.

Referral Activity and Leads
Making referrals is the central activity of the group, and is required. After an initial 30-day period, each group member is expected to average one or more referrals per month. A valid referral is considered to have both of the following: viable contact information for the prospective customer and permission to be contacted by the group member receiving the lead. If these are not furnished, then the referral may be classified as “not a lead” in the system. Member participation scores are tracked through the website, and referral activity is a key component of scoring. For this reason, leads passed should be entered through the website as soon as possible. The member receiving the lead should categorize the lead as quickly as possible—typically within 48 hours.

Conditional Leads
In cases where client privilege applies to a member’s profession (e.g. therapists, bankruptcy attorneys, etc.), it may not be possible to follow the usual referral process, since confidentiality may be compromised. In that case, the referring member may submit the lead conditional upon the receiving member being contacted by the referred customer. If and when that happens, the receiving member should classify it as a “lead” in the system, and the referring member will then be credited for passing it.

Group Messaging System
The “send group message” capability of the website allows any member to send a member to all other members simultaneously. However, to prevent abuse of this system, members are prohibited from using this function to promote their own business. The function is generally reserved for Leadership Team members and special occasions when other members need to communicate to the whole group about group business.