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Asian Business Connectors
San Francisco, CA, 94105
Meetings: Bi-Weekly
Group Member Limit: 50
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Group Meeting Dates

Partner4Leads Feed
Date: Lead Sent to:
02/20/19 - Mobile Detailer
02/20/19 - Bookkeeper
02/19/19 - SEO / SEM Consultant
02/19/19 - Photographer
02/19/19 - Freelance Writer
02/19/19 - Chiropractor
02/18/19 - Financial Planner
02/18/19 - DJ

The Partner4Leads Feed shows, in real time, referral leads being passed between Partner4Leads Members.


About Asian Business Connectors

We are seeking motivated Asian Professionals in the area that are looking to grow their businesses. The objective of this group is to increase each member's business revenue. Together we will grow a sales force team behind each of us to be able to generate more leads and referrals.

With each member being of an Asian descent, we strive to support and provide the Asian community with the highest level of service and products.