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Golden Gate Referral Network
San Francisco, CA, 94105
Meetings: Weekly
Group Member Limit: 25
Member Exclusivity: Yes
Status: Limited Spaces Open

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Group Meeting Dates

Partner4Leads Feed
Date: Lead Sent to:
12/16/17 - Printer
12/15/17 - Carpet Cleaner
12/15/17 - Massage Therapist
12/15/17 - Mortgage Broker
12/15/17 - Mortgage Broker
12/15/17 - CPA
12/15/17 - Telecommunication Sales
12/15/17 - Telecommunication Sales

The Partner4Leads Feed shows, in real time, referral leads being passed between Partner4Leads Members.


About Golden Gate Referral Network

Our referral group is made up of small business owners and service professionals. Through regular meetings, communication, and online tools, our members get to know one another and become staunch advocates for each others' businesses.

Each member in our group represents a different profession (offers different products / services) but sells to the same market. As a result of this common market focus and joint referral effort, our members help drive business to one another.

Joining Our Group

To ensure member referral exclusivity and commitment, we are very selective and allow only one member from any profession to be in our group. If you would like to join us, are willing to attend regular meetings, and can make referrals to fellow members, request to join our group.

Our Ideal Members

Our ideal group members sell the following types of products and services, to the following markets and include the following professionals...

Markets Served by Members
• Consumers & Homeowners
• Small Businesses & Corporations
Products & Services Provided by Members
• Commercial Real Estate Products and Services
• Human Resources (HR) Products and Services
• Legal Products and Services
• Marketing Products and Services
• Technology, Internet & IT Products and Services
• Real Estate & Moving Products and Services
Some of Our Ideal Group Members
Attorney - Real Estate Commercial Architect Commercial Mortgage Broker
Commercial Property Manager Commercial Real Estate Agent Software Sales - Real Estate Software
Attorney - Employment/Labor Caterer Event Planner / Manager
Human Resources (HR) Consultant Recruiter Software Sales - HR Software
Telecommunication Sales Attorney - Patent Attorney - Real Estate
Software Sales - Legal Software Ad Specialty Sales Computer Support / IT
Public Relations (PR) Consultant SEM/SEO Consultant Writer - Freelance
Software Sales - Financial Software Appraiser Mover
Property Manager Storage Company Title Company
Attorney - Corporate Public Relations (PR) Agency Graphic Designer
Videographer Janitorial Services Personal Assistant
Professional Organizer Printer Signs