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Have an existing referral networking group. Add your group to the Partner4Leads referral group platform and leverage an assortment of free tools and resources to promote your group, increase referral activity, streamline group management and encourage cooperative referral marketing among members.

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Why Use Partner4Leads for Your Group?

Referral & Leads Groups have been around for decades and proven an effective method for local business owners, service providers and sales professionals to generate referral business. It's estimated that last year alone referral and business networking groups accounted for over 10 billion in referral business.

Partner4Leads provides the turnkey technology to help business networking and referral groups go online. An assortment of automated tools and resources, designed specifically for referral groups, helps you promote your group, streamline group management, support community communications, encourage co-op marketing and increase referral opportunities. Some of the tools provided...

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What Does is Cost?
Most of the group tools provided by Partner4Leads are completely FREE of charge. There are optional premium tools made available to individuals and groups should the group, or those in the group decide they'd like to have access to these tools. These premium tools are designed to give your group members a competitive advantage in generating referral business for themselves and others in the group.

I have an EXISTING Group and I want to use Partner4Leads, do I still own and control the group?
Yes, Partner4Leads is simply a platform that makes it easier for any group to run a more effective referral network. You and your members decide what you wish to adopt and what you don't. You own the group.