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Xiomara Vielman
Clarity Investment Management
Financial Advisor
San Jose, CA, 95126

Referrals Mean A Lot to Me
Much of my business comes through word of mouth from clients and associates. If you know someone who might need my services please contact me. I'll work hard to earn their trust and reward you for your referral.

How to Refer Me
When you have a referral or introduction to a possible client or contact use my referral form to send me the referral information or introduction. This allows me follow-up, track your referral to ensure your introduction is treated right and recognize you for your support.

Who Should Refer Me
Referrals play a key role in the success of my business, not only are they one of the primary ways I find new clients, they also allow me to gauge the satisfaction and trust among my clients, friends and associates. Generally I only encourage clients, friends and associates to refer me, because I know referrals are about trust and confidence and trust and confidence are earned through positive experience.

Making a Good Impression on Those You Refer
When I get a referral or introduction, I work extra hard to make sure the person referred has a positive experience. I not only want to earn the satisfaction, trust and endorsement of the new client, I want to drive client gratitude to you, for your introduction.

Don't Have a Referral, But Need a Recommendation for a Good Local Provider, Ask Me...
Don't have a referral for me but need an introduction to a good service provider, ask me. As a professional dedicated to helping my clients, I've built a great network of business owners and professionals that I can confidently recommend. If you need help finding a good provider check out My Recommended or contact me and I'll try to help introduce you.

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