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Katie Zanardi
BA Exhibits
Trade Show Exhibit Sales
Santa Clara, CA, 95051

BA Exhibits is a full service Exhibit, Graphics & Design firm with a unique approach of truly blending marketing expertise with creative and technical excellence. For over 12 years our bottom line is - exceptional results for our clients and all the aspects of their trade show exhibit marketing program. BA Exhibits approach is a personal one. We have dedicated ourselves to offering a personalized service that enhances the value of our solutions. This approach has proven exceptional results and continues positive customer experiences. Weather you’re looking a portable, custom or rental solution - BA Exhibits can assist with making your event a true success.

I help companies identify how to maximize their impact and presence at trade shows, conferences and events. I review the current situation, identify their goals, then assist them to implement their plan and provide the perfect solution to meat their marketing needs.

You have one chance to make an impression - Let's work together to make it a good one.

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