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Business Networking is more than handing out business cards!

Did you know that referrals accounts for the bulk of new business for most service providers and sales professionals. Have you ever wondered how some professionals generate so much referral business?

The secret to referral business is often found in ones the approach to networking. Too many professionals have been taught that networking is about handing out as many business cards as possible, or building a Linked Network of 500-1000+. The truth is however, most business cards you hand out get tossed in the garbage very quickly and 98% of the people you connect with online you won't remember 3 months from now. Succesful networkers focus on QUALITY versus quantity and building true relationships with the RIGHT people - those who are committed to referral networking, serve the same market and offer inherent referral opportunities.

Referral networking groups have existed for decades, and proven an effective method for generating referral business. When done right they help local business owners, services providers and sales professionals connect with the right professionals and provide a process, methodology and formula to turn contacts into referral partners.

With the Partner4Leads Referral Group Directory and Platform its easy to join or start a referral group in your area.

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